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It really is similar to the truth that you can’t clarify what your fingertips are doing if you are playing the piano, stated Ashby. However, he continued to describe that once a behavior turns into automatic, it turns into cortical. Automatic behaviors are kept in similar methods, in the frontal cortex, regardless which program of the mind learned it first, he stated. Ashby cited the exemplory case of an excellent tennis participant with Parkinson’s disease. He said that researchers used to believe that tennis abilities were kept in the basal ganglia, where these were learned, and the region of the brain suffering from Parkinson’s disease.‘Our latest research shows that another but likely related time clock resides in the adrenal gland. The adrenal gland is certainly involved in a number of important body features, such as body’s temperature regulation, metabolism, feeling, stress reproduction and response. The research also shows that various other peripheral clocks reside through the entire physical body and these clocks are perhaps interconnected. ‘ To conduct the comprehensive research, researchers studied adrenal gland function in rhesus macaque monkeys which is quite similar to individual adrenal gland function. Particularly, experts measured gene expression in the adrenal gland of monkeys throughout a 24-hour period . In analyzing this given information, researchers recognized 322 genes in the adrenal gland with features that varied rhythmically over a 24-hour period, and therefore each gene’s function peaked and diminished simultaneously every day.