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Cognitive deficits of children born preterm depend on the workload of tasks Reseachers from Bochum and Warwick suggest consequences for planning school lessons Being born preterm goes together with an increased risk for neuro-cognitive deficits. Psychologists from the Ruhr-Universit-t Bochum and the University of Warwick, UK have investigated the relation between your duration of pregnancy and cognitive capabilities under varying work load conditions .

The therapy group had improved degrees of work and social functioning also. Thirty-eight per cent of those in the waiting list group deteriorated through the 12 week period in comparison to just seven per cent the therapy group. The treatment gains made were well maintained at the follow-up assessments. The improvements created by those in the treatment group varied between individuals. The authors suggest this can be in part due to the complexity of the issues and in part because of the methods of the therapist. It is suggested that therapists involved with this sort of therapy are given sufficient training and ongoing supervision. They conclude that cognitive therapy is effective in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder linked to terrorism and various other civil conflict..