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AMA0076 provides been proven in preclinical versions to be highly effective in reducing intraocular pressure , a major factor in glaucoma, and to avoid important side effects such as hyperemia. Hyperemia, also referred to as ‘red eye’, results from excess blood flow in vessels in the white of the attention and is definitely a distressing and dose limiting side-effect for individuals. This novel kinase inhibitor provides been developed using Amakem’s proprietary ‘Localized Drug Action’ platform.But Juleen Zierath, Professor of Clinical Integrative Physiology at Karolinska Institutet, offers travelled in the opposite direction. An American who was simply educated in america, she travelled to Sweden to handle research. She is among very few women who’ve been awarded one of Europe’s best and prestigious grants, the ERC Advanced Grant. Juleen Zierath will present her personal perspective on the significance of the ERC for the research community at the annual meeting organised by The American Association for the Advancement of Research, AAAS. She will describe what surviving in Sweden as an American is similar to also.