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Candida Albicans is an extremely opportunistic parasite. It could live in our intestinal tract in harmony with bacteria normally. ‘Normally,’ in this case, indicates by natural means, but in today’s society, a balanced gut is far from the norm. An imbalance in the gut almost leads to an enormous overgrowth of Candida often, which is very good at tearing through the intestinal walls to flood the complete body, opening the entranceway to other infectious agents that should not really escape the gut, causing infection and irritation everywhere.McKhann, M.D., of Johns Hopkins also, say that the late cognitive declines observed in some long-term research are most likely to be associated with the progression of underlying conditions such as cerebrovascular disease as opposed to the surgery itself. They believe that there are short-term cognitive adjustments after CABG in some patients, but other than a stroke, these adjustments are generally mild and transient and most patients who encounter cognitive decline go back to their baseline by three months or sooner.