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Tehrani at 240-2444. You may even ask inquiries or plan an individual consultation with Dr. Tehrani.. Basic Details to Consider On the subject of Facelift Surgery in Apple Valley As you get older, having a company, smooth and young-looking encounter is hard to keep up. The natural procedure for aging – together with the elements of stress, muscle pressure and nature’s elements – may take their collective toll on your own face. The result is sagging facial cells, extra and wrinkles facial epidermis. Through artistry and science, Dr. Ali Tehrani will be able to make use of his surgical schooling and abilities to reverse the consequences of facial maturing through a common facelift process also understand as a rhytidectomy.The first gene, telomerase, encodes an important enzyme that indefinitely allows cells to divide. The next gene, p16, encodes a favorite anti-cancer protein. Opposite results were discovered for these genes in healthful cells versus precancerous cells. The healthy cells saw their telomerase rise and p16 decrease, which would explain the boost in healthy cell development, Tollefsbol stated. The gene reactions flipped in the precancerous cells with telomerase reducing and the anti-cancer protein p16 raising, which would describe why these cancer-forming cells passed away off in good sized quantities.