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The technology will become discussed at a program of the International Symposium on Olfaction and Flavor on July 25 in San Francisco.. Cargill awarded patent for technology in flavor tissue imaging Cargill offers received a patent for a breakthrough technology in taste tissue imaging and taste modification that is superior to the cell screening technology currently available in the taste, beverage and food industries. The patented technology will allow Cargill to effectively discover taste modifiers – such as for example sweetness enhancers, bitterness blockers, savory salt and enhancers enhancers – and develop flavors that make food and beverage items taste better.Here’s the most recent breaking information on what is becoming an environmental nightmare for both human beings and possibly wildlife as the FDA does only communicate some concern that BPA is probably not perfectly secure. University of Missouri experts have proof that BPA causes man deer mice to reduce their masculinity and behave similar to females. Actually, female mice feeling something isn’t quite correct about BPA exposed men and don’t need to mate with them. The researchers conclude that contact with BPA during human advancement may be wreaking havoc on hormones and distorting and disrupting behavioral and cognitive characteristics that are exclusive to each sex and essential in reproduction.