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GRASP uses spatial analysis equipment to support a genuine number of important CDC initiatives, like the analysis of public health issues and GIS support for emergency functions centers. The GRASP spatial tools require accurate and comprehensive map data protection to ensure reliable and accurate email address details are delivered to the CDC user community . Because of NAVTEQ map data, the CDC is to geocode for disease surveillance, hazardous material tracking, and record on a variety of issues including workplace injury, drinking water security and birth defects. ‘We are excited to win this opportunity to support the critical mission of CDC within the United States AUTHORITIES,’ says Roy Kolstad, vice president, Enterprise Americas, NAVTEQ.

In related information, the CDC reported Tuesday on a rise in the number of H1N1 vaccines arriving in the U.S., Reuters reports in another tale. Anne Schuchat, of the CDC, said 41.1 million doses of H1N1 vaccines are either available or have already been delivered but that state and community health officials still face logistical problems, the news headlines service writes. I cannot tell you just how many times inside our outreach to your counterparts that people got messages back again saying ‘It’s Friday, we are furloughed’ or ‘We are out today,’ Schuchat said throughout a Senate wellness subcommittee hearing. I think the essential barrier to your immnization effort is actually the fragility of the public health infrastructure, Schuchat said.