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For treatment, the Reuters information agency highlights. ‘Aid workers Dr. In July Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol contracted the condition at a relief company in Monrovia,’ Reuters notes. ‘Last month, Dr. Rick Sacra tested positive after employed in a Liberian medical center. They possess all since been released. ‘An American doctor identified as having Ebola in the neighboring country of Sierra Leone arrived at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta for treatment on Sept. 9 and is being treated still. He is not identified publicly.’ In Dallas, Thomas Eric Duncan can be in isolation after tests positive for Ebola, and dozens of people he was around are being watched for signs they could likewise have the virus closely. Many of his family members have been placed directly under quarantine.The total results may lead to breakthrough treatments because of this disease, and could also guide experts and doctors in understanding the essential mechanisms of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases along with other neurological disorders.’.

Cannabis Technology highlights more attendees at the CFA African Health care Infrastructure Brainstorm and Discussion board Cannabis Science, Inc. , a U.S. Company focusing on cannabis formulation-based drug advancement and related consulting, highlights additional attendees at the CFA African Healthcare Infrastructure Discussion board and Brainstorm held at the African Union, in Washington DC, on February 6, 2015. As announced previously, Cannabis Technology President & CEO, Raymond C.