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Acumen PQRI facilitates reporting on the 2010 Chronic Kidney Disease Methods Group and the Diabetes Mellitus Measures Group. In addition, the registry will survey on the three adult end stage renal disease specific measures available in 2010. New for 2010 2010 may be the added ability to report the CMS e-prescribing program through certified registries. With the Acumen PQRI system, registry-based reporting is usually streamlined, enabling a far more efficient method of participating in the PQRI and e-prescribing programs. Acumen PQRI helps suppliers and their staff meet the reporting requirements for his or her chosen measures, measure groups, and reporting intervals facilitating effective participation in these CMS purchase reporting programs.They could be very subtle, noticeable only to doctors, or may be obvious to the parents and additional caregivers. Abnormal muscle mass tone: Muscles is quite stiff or unusually relaxed and floppy. Limbs could be held in uncommon or awkward positions. For example, spastic leg muscles may cause legs to cross in a scissor-like position.Abnormal movements: Movements may be unusually jerky or abrupt, or slow and writhing. They could appear uncontrolled or without purpose.Skeletal deformities: Those who have cerebral palsy on only one side might have shortened limbs in the affected aspect.