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Therefore, you need to know the body condition and according compared to that you can pick the most appropriate organic method of gaining muscle power and muscle weight. Boost your calories consumption and consume at least extra 3,500 calories each day. You may take at least 6 to 8 times meals a day time which means that your calories could be properly or equally distributed during the day. You should be extremely choosy about the foods that may cater sufficient quantity of calorie consumption along with nutrition so the muscle fibers could be nourished. Healthy way of living is extremely needed in this respect and that may be taken care of by curtailing poor food behaviors like curtailing of smoking cigarettes, alcoholic beverages or high dosage medication consumptions and much more.Nevertheless, as definitive treatment is present for some haematological disease, it is necessary that the underlying pathology be identified before irreparable end organ damage occurs. Apparent organ or program specific disease could be the initial presentation in patients with underlying primary haematological disease. A complete blood count and fundamental biochemical analysis are cost effective investigations to diagnose or exclude a wide range of serious haematological disorders. A medication history is normally of central importance in the investigation of sufferers with unusual haematology laboratory results. Haemostatic screening testing in the lack of a positive clinical history have poor predictive value for diagnosing a bleeding disorder.