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Under conditions of the agreement, Amgen can pay $315 million in cash to acquire KAI. In connection with the parties’ getting into the agreement, Amgen has provided financing to enable Phase 3 clinical development planning for KAI-4169 prior to closing. The purchase has been authorized by the stockholders of KAI and authorized by the Table of Directors of each company. Completion of the purchase is at the mercy of customary closing circumstances, including regulatory approvals.On left part of the paper, provide a bold heading as motivations and on the proper hand part, you should compose costs . This is the time so that you can analyze, review and measure the benefits, motivations and costs for smoking. Why perform you smoke? You might be smoking just to benefit from the party of friends and family, to demonstrate fashion, design or it has changed into an addiction? It’s been seen that lots of smokers start cigarette smoking as a great activity but shortly they indulge involved with it as an addict. You should list down the motivations for smoking cigarettes and the on the far side of the paper; start listing straight down the disadvantages, outcomes and costs. You are polluting environment, burning your daily life, dropping your relations, spending high costs on buy of smokes and what else? You are using your life.