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CVS Health Basis announces $5 million dedication to advertising campaign for tobacco-free kids The CVS Health Basis today announced a $5 million five-year commitment to the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Children to launch its new ‘Making the Next Generation Tobacco-Free’ grant program. Through the scheduled program, the CVS Health Basis will partner with Tobacco-Free Kids to provide grants to organizations focused on implementing public health strategies to reduce youth tobacco use and contact with secondhand smoke cigarettes new ed treatment .

new ed treatment

CVRx gets CE Mark acceptance to expand labeling of Barostim neo Program as MR Conditional CVRx, Inc. By enabling usage of MRI scans, the expanded labeling shall benefit patients receiving Barostim Therapy for heart failure or resistant hypertension. This approval gets the potential to advantage many individuals and their health care companies as MRI is critical in the medical diagnosis of serious conditions which can occur in the populations served by Barostim Therapy. We are very happy to enable access to this diagnostic choice for our upcoming and current patients, said Nadim Yared, CEO of CVRx..