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This dilutes your digestive juices. Drink less while you eat, but hydrate intensely between meals. Different types of foods require different gastric enzymes and juices to break the foods down into assimilable nutrients. Conflicting digestive juices and enzymes will result in longer metabolic labor with incompletely digested meals contaminants putrefying and attracting bad bacteria. Occasional bad food combining outcomes in gas, bloating, constipation, or diarrhea.Cancer prices in individuals who used cell mobile phones for about a decade were similar to prices in people without a cell phone. Cell phone users were also no more likely to get a tumor in the part of the mind closest to where cell phones are often held against the top. Is this the final word on cellular phone safety? Probably not. ‘This is encouraging news, but it doesn’t mean we’re by the end of the road,’ said Hazel Nunn, head of Health Evidence and Information at Malignancy Research U.K., which wasn’t involved in the study.