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Ancient Chinese herbs proven to help cancer patients Cancer individuals who opt for standard chemotherapy and/or radiation rather than alternate therapies as their desired treatment regimen often develop extreme fatigue and lack of energy. But this is often remedied using an ancient Chinese medicine protocol referred to as Ren Shen Yang Rong Tang, or RSYRT, which a new research published in The Journal of Substitute and Complementary Medication found helps conventional cancers patients maintain some semblance of standard of living tadapox.html . Designed for FREE online viewing through June 20, 2015, the research viewed the consequences of RSYRT on fatigue in cancer patients, comparing their health statuses both before and following the 12-herb treatment.

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Anemia of chronic disease: Any long-term condition can result in anemia. The precise mechanism of the process in unfamiliar, but any long-position and ongoing medical condition such as a chronic illness or a cancer could cause this type of anemia. Anemia linked to kidney disease: The kidneys to push out a hormone called the erythropoietin that assists the bone marrow make reddish colored blood cells. In people who have chronic kidney disease , the production of the hormone is diminished, which, in turn, diminishes the production of red blood cells, causing anemia.