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‘This research demonstrates that expense in experimental biology may be the easiest way to approach the task posed by an ageing population to the expense of health care.’.. Breakthrough discovery by scientists can lead to a fresh treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease New research in the FASEB Journal shows that manipulation of the brain’s personal immune cells with IL-6 may lead to reversal of Alzheimer’s disease pathologyA breakthrough discovery by scientists from the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL, can lead to a fresh treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease that truly removes amyloid plaques-taken into consideration a hallmark of the disease-from individuals’ brains.Children most at risk of developing CP are little, premature babies and infants who have to be on a ventilator for many weeks or longer. But for most kids with CP, the problem in the brain happens before birth. Often, doctors have no idea why.ContinueWhat Do Doctors Do? Doctors who specialize in treating kids with problems of the mind, nerves, or muscles get excited about diagnosing a youngster with cerebral palsy usually. These specialists could add a pediatric neurologist , a health care provider who handles problems of the nervous system and human brain in kids.