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It could get overwhelming. This organizational system can certainly help,’ she said. Also obtainable free on the website are sample cerebral palsy lifestyle care programs and a copy of the booklet, ‘Beyond Birthing Classes: How Parents MIGHT HELP Insure Delivery of a wholesome Baby from Pregnancy, Labor thru Delivery.’ The booklet was written by Howard Janet, JD, a Maryland attorney who has devoted his profession to assisting parents and family members suffering from Cerebral Palsy and the writer of Patients’ Privileges, Doctors’ Wrongs. CP Family Network is focused on empowering Cerebral Palsy households through education.They tracked which patients experienced arrhythmia, when it occurred, and what occurred to individuals afterwards. They found that nearly 6 % of the patients skilled at least one episode of sustained ventricular arrhythmia either before or following the procedure. They found that ventricular fibrillation occurred in 329 of the patients in the scholarly study group. Twenty-five of them experienced fibrillation before catheterization, 180 experienced it during the procedure and 117 afterwards. Investigators discovered that those who skilled fibrillation at any stage were 3-fold more likely to die within the first three months after the procedure, in comparison with those who did not have any arrhythmia.