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But new analysis shows that mutations in genes that encode the proteins of cilia are normal causes of a host of genetic illnesses, including inherited retinal diseases and polycystic kidney disease. Cilia diseases can affect multiple organ systems in such disorders as Bardet-Biedl Syndrome also, which in turn causes kidney disease, weight problems, polydactyly, diabetes, and retinal degeneration; Senior-Loken Syndrome, which in turn causes kidney disease and retinal degeneration; Joubert Syndrome, which causes neurological disease, kidney disease, and retinal degeneration; Usher Syndrome, which in turn causes deafness and blindness; and Meckel Syndrome, which in turn causes kidney disease and neural tube defects.Southwest. On long-distance runs, some native peoples would consume nothing more than chia seeds blended with drinking water. If anything deserves the title of superfood, chia does. Chia seeds are among the highest known sources for omega-3 essential fatty acids, containing 7.5 times even more of these essential oils per ounce than salmon. They offer more proteins than any various other seed, and a comprehensive protein to boot. They are exceptionally high in fiber, which benefits intestinal health. The seeds contain five times as very much calcium as milk, along with boron for healthful bones and high degrees of B vitamins.