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A simple DNA test could determine if you might be genetically predisposed to breasts cancer. For more info on how it could be prevented, make sure to visit CyGene Direct for your complete personal DNA testing needs. All of CyGene Directs’ DNA exams can be achieved anonymously and in the comfort of your own home.. Cancer Won’t Wait – Why Should You? October is Breast Tumor Awareness month and there is no better time to avoid it than now. While eating healthy foods and keeping fit can help prevent breast cancer, it can still strike despite all of your efforts. Therefore, it is absolutely essential so that you can schedule regular breast malignancy screenings or DNA examining. By finding a cancerous tumor in your breasts earlier, the higher your potential for survival will become.If narrowing of the urethra does develop, it can generally be relieved by an operation to extend the area. This is done by moving a tube in to the urethra and is conducted under an over-all anesthetic. Chemotherapy Chemotherapy is the usage of anti-cancer drugs to destroy tumor cells. It could be one medication or several medicines used together. It isn’t commonly used to take care of cancer of the male organ. Chemotherapy cream enable you to treat very small sometimes, early cancers that are confined to the foreskin and end of the male organ .