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Fiscal Watchdog Lower-than-expected medical health insurance premiums under Obamacare will help cut the long-term cost of this program 7 % over another decade, based on the latest statement from the Congressional Spending budget Office. The government's reduction of $104 billion in subsidies for those premiums was the main aspect that led the nonpartisan fiscal watchdog to lower its projection of the country's government deficit by nearly $300 billion through 2024 . The Wall Street Journal: CBO Estimates U.S. Deficit Will Shrink More Than Expected In 2014 CBO also reduced the authorities's projected 10-year deficit by $286 billion, to $7.6 trillion, because of lower subsidies related to the health-care regulation mainly.For this reason, coconut sugar is becoming ever more popular in the West as a substitute to white and dark brown sugar, and it is typically sold in health meals stores. Wellness benefitsSuitable for diabetics – One of coconut sugar’s biggest attractions as a sugar alternative is definitely its low glycemic index score of 35, which is related to most fruit and veggies. Consequently, the sugar has little effect on blood sugar amounts, making it ideal for diabetics, anyone and pre-diabetics else who would like to avoid blood sugar spikes. Most other sugar substitutes, including maple honey and syrup, have a higher GI score of 69 or more, while refined sugars itself may reach the 90s! Rich in proteins – Since it can be unprocessed, coconut sugars provides the same 16 amino acids as the sap that it is derived.