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He said that it ought not to be forgotten that Huntley only was responsible for the murders, as stated in the report. ‘None of the actions or failures of the witnesses or the organizations they represented led to the deaths of the girls.’ Mr Blunkett added that it would be tough to disagree with Sir Michael’s watch that the final responsibility for the ‘serious failures’ in the senior administration of Humberside Law enforcement rests with Chief Constable David Westwood. ‘The effectiveness of the report’s criticism of him provides led me to summarize that, using the powers available to me under the Police Take action 1996, as amended by the Police Reform Act 2002, I should require Humberside Police Authority to suspend Mr Westwood as Chief Constable forthwith.’ THE AUTHORITIES Authority offers been asked to think about what actions they should ingest light of the report’s findings.The only way to safeguard yourself from these devastating ramifications of chemotherapy is certainly to take protective nutritional supplements before going through chemo treatments. But oncologists sternly warn sufferers against consuming such nutritional supplements by citing one of the most oft-repeated myths of the cancer tumor industry: Natural supplements block the chemotherapy they state! It’s a lie, of course, but it’s been repeated so often by the tumor establishment that they can not even remember who uttered it 1st. Or why. Honestly, there is absolutely no science backing up such a false belief absolutely.