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Not so with these other animals.’ It could not be essential to completely eliminate it from your body ‘Unfortunately, monkeys were the gold standard just,’ Rasmussen mentioned, adding in a press release: ‘The rate of recurrence and different manifestations of the disease across the lines of the mice screened so far are similar in variety and proportion to the spectrum of clinical disease seen in the 2014 West African outbreak.’ Scientists at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill produced the genetically changed mice. They were bred with disease tests at heart, the Post noted. Most lab mice are just representative of about ten % of genes in the full total mouse population; the specifically altered mice represented 90 % of the rodents’ genetic diversity.This historic follow-up has revealed a sustained anti-proliferative effect of the CYPHER stent by both angiography and IVUS examination . In addition, the ten-year OCT evaluation revealed a complete protection of over 90 percent of the analyzed struts. That is an impressive end result and a testament to the efficacy of the CYPHER stent.’ Marie Claude Morice, M.D., who led the original RAVEL trial presented to the European Culture of Cardiology in 2001, explained, ‘The CYPHER Sirolimus-eluting coronary stent was the first of its kind and was a significant advance over bare-steel stents. An integral trial displaying the efficacy of CYPHER stent found that up to 5 years after receiving the stent, the risk of restenosis of the artery is normally reduced by 60 – 70 percent compared to an uncoated stent.