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That Stage III study involving 9 nearly, in August 2009 400 females is defined to conclude.. Anti-HIV vaginal gel shows promise An investigational vaginal gel intended to prevent HIV infection in women has demonstrated encouraging symptoms of success in a clinical trial conducted in Africa and the United States. Findings of the recently concluded study, funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases , section of the NIH, today at the Meeting on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Attacks in Montreal were presented. The study investigators found the microbicide gel-known as PRO 2000 -to be safe and approximately thirty % effective . This is actually the first human medical study to suggest that a microbicide-a gel, foam or cream designed to prevent the sexual transmitting of HIV and various other sexually transmitted infections when applied topically in the vagina or rectum-may prevent male-to-female sexual transmission of HIV infections.‘Dice also carried out mock ‘Obama Security Force’ handbag searches on the campus of San Diego State University as he trashed the 4th amendment. Several college students complied with having their belongings searched when they were informed that carrying a handbag was an indicator of terrorism,’ reported. Actually, tens of millions of People in america throughout our background have served to defend the Constitution and the American folks from all enemies, domestic and foreign. Scores have died in defense of it.