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Cocaine Abuse House and Treatment Remedies First and foremost, the cocaine abuser must stop using the medication and other medicines that accompany its use. Not many problems of cocaine use can be treated at home. The most common complications are psychiatric in character. Anxiety, mild agitation, lack of appetite, insomnia, irritability, mild anxiety attacks, mild unhappiness, and mild headaches could oftimes be treated in the home by stopping the use of the medication and observing an individual.The non-profit marijuana advocacy group Us citizens for Safe Gain access to, which represents Ross, estimates that 300,000 People in america make use of medical marijuana. The Oakland-based group stated it has received a huge selection of employee discrimination complaints in California because it began tracking the problem in 2005. Justice Joyce Kennard dissented attacking the majority’s ruling in the dissent as conspicuously lacking in compassion. Kennard stated the ruling disrespects the California medical marijuana laws, and said employers ought to be barred from firing employees who make use of medical marijuana as long as they continue steadily to perform their careers adequately.