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Part of the event will include the dropping off of a trailer full of safe, non-GM, blight-resistant potatoes at the Sainsbury research center where the GM potato trials are taking place. To learn even more about how you can help combat GMOs in the UK, visit: Sources because of this story include:.. British government squanders millions conducting secret GM potato trials while non-GM variety already performs spectacularly For days gone by ten years, the British authorities has been quietly subsidizing research aimed at developing a genetically-altered potato resistant to blight, the fungal disease in charge of causing the infamous Irish potato famine.In 2007 alone, AstraZeneca helped half of a million people fill 2 nearly.8 million prescriptions, leading to a lot more than $500 million of cost savings to patients. AstraZeneca gives help beneath the AZ&Me Prescription Savings applications, including support for folks without insurance, people who have Medicare Component D and a third plan that delivers medicines to healthcare services. Patients can find out more about the AZ&Me Prescription Cost savings program at.

Archaeologists look for oldest complete example of metastatic cancer in 3,000 year-old skeleton Archaeologists have got found the oldest complete example in the global globe of a human with metastatic tumor in a 3,000 year-old skeleton.