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Equine Rescue

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If every person who looked at our website would donate $1.00, we would have enough hay money to fill the barn loft.  Click donate.

How You Can Help Support Horses

Open Gates Equine Rescue is a cooperative effort of many individuals, each making an important contribution.

There are many ways that you can help. Here’s how:

  • Volunteer: Give a little of your time to pitch in with the chores, help get hay, help plan and execute fundraising ideas.
  • Training/Riding: Perhaps you are skilled at training or a good rider that can help with training or exercising a green horse. It will help make a horse more adoptable, which makes space for others in need.
  • Donate: If you have stuff kicking around that you no longer use, donate it! It can either be used or sold to raise much-needed funds. Rule of thumb though, if you can’t use it because it’s broken, we probably can’t either. Monetary donations are always especially needed, but even donating your bottles and cans, having a bake-sale or saving your spare in a jar change every day and giving it to us when full is much appreciated.
  • Adopt: If you are looking for a horse, check with Open Gates first before buying. Understand that some really nice horses live in rescues. Some may need additional training or schooling, but between the typically lower adoption fees versus purchase price for “made” horses, you will invest about the same amount and may end up with a better horse in the long run.
  • Pray: This is a very difficult time we are heading into. Many people are losing their homes and jobs, and can no longer afford (or have a place) to keep their horses. Ask God to bless anyone who works so hard to protect and restore His creatures, to help them meet their financial needs, to give them grace and strength to keep going in spite of the challenges. And this is something that everyone can do!

    – Jen Winchester, Spirit of Hope Farm and Equine Rescue

Other ways you can help…

  • Sponsor a Horse: There are those people that really want a horse but just can’t manage it for one reason or another. Nevertheless, they would still like to be part of a horse’s life and care. Sponsoring can make such a difference, not just for the horse you sponsor but for all the other horses we can help due to sponsors like you! When you sponsor a horse, you free up resources, so that we may continue to rescue other equines from slaughter, abuse, neglect and various other circumstances when needed.
  • Donations via check, money order or paypal
  • Donate to our Wish List
  • Attend a fundraising event
  • Set up planned giving
  • Donations in lieu of flowers in memory of a loved one