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We are no longer taking in horses

Welcome to Open Gates where a love of horses and a desire to help keep them safe and well has driven us to care for many of the needy and abused equines in Maine since 2005. We couldn’t do it without the generous help from donors like you.

Did you know that it costs $1,800 dollars to feed each of our equine residents for one year? What that means is:

  • For only $5 you could feed a horse for a day; and,
  • For only $35 you could feed a horse for a week; and,
  • For $150 you could feed a horse for a month!

Such a small amount of money can really go a long way! Please consider donating a day, week or month of food.

Choose from the “Yes I want to Feed a horse!” drop down menu below to select the “gift” option you prefer to submit your tax-deductible contribution via PayPal. Or mail a check to:
Open Gates Equine Rescue, Inc.
407 Morse Rd.
New Gloucester, ME 04260
Many, many thanks in advance for your generous donation!

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Bob and Sophia Caron (R) presenting a check to Linda (L) of Open Gates Equine Rescue

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