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Welcome to Open Gates where a love of horses and a desire to help keep them safe and well has driven us to care for many of the needy and abused equines in Maine since 2005. We couldn’t do it without the generous help from donors like you.

Did you know that it costs $1,800 dollars to feed each of our equine residents for one year? What that means is:

  • For only $5 you could feed a horse for a day; and,
  • For only $35 you could feed a horse for a week; and,
  • For $150 you could feed a horse for a month!

Such a small amount of money can really go a long way! Please consider donating a day, week or month of food.

Choose from the “Yes I want to Feed a horse!” drop down menu below to select the “gift” option you prefer to submit your tax-deductible contribution via PayPal. Or mail a check to:
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Many, many thanks in advance for your generous donation!

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Bob and Sophia Caron (R) presenting a check to Linda (L) of Open Gates Equine Rescue

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Colorado has provided about $3.4 million for two medical studies relating to the use of pot for treatment of PTSD. Those studies are simply getting started.. Colorado rejects medical marijuana use for PTSD Citing scant research, Colorado wellness officials voted Wednesday against adding post-traumatic strain disorder to the set of ailments eligible for treatment with medical marijuana. The 6-2 vote came despite a suggestion from the Colorado Chief Medical Officer and a panel of doctors to make PTSD the 1st condition put into Colorado’s medical pot eligibility list in 15 years. Board associates stated they weren’t swayed by the recommendation because studies on using pot for PTSD lack. Continue reading

Bristol-Myers Squibb to provide abstracts on oncology substances in ASCO 2011 Annual Meeting Bristol-Myers Squibb Business , a respected global BioPharma company in oncology, today announced that a lot more than 95 scientific abstracts on its approved and investigational oncology substances will be featured in the 47th Annual Conference of the American Culture of Clinical Oncology in Chicago from June 3-7 . New data from YERVOY, a human cytotoxic T-lymphocyte antigen 4 -blocking antibody, will be highlighted at the interacting with, including: Results from a second Phase 3 study of YERVOY in patients with metastatic melanoma, which have been selected for display in the plenary program at ASCO on Sunday, June 5. Continue reading

Furthermore to its novel mechanism of actions, the Scrip judges highlighted Prolia’s efficacy in reducing fractures and dosing program. Prolia, the 1st and only RANK Ligand inhibitor authorized in the U.S. And the European Union , can be an every six month subcutaneous injection. Related StoriesNew protein product lowers cholesterol, prevents osteoporosisData shows romosozumab much better than teriparatide in increasing bone power in postmenopausal womenTARSA Therapeutics' TBRIA NDA approved by FDA for review We are honored to end up being recognized once again by our industry peers with the very best New Medication award, said Roger M. Continue reading

Use of it could increase power, nitrogen retention, cell advancement, and lactic acid buffering. The third supplement may be the glutamine. More glutamine can boost immunity and resistance, add storage space of glycogen, produce even more glutathione for antioxidants of the physical body, improves gut wellness, cell development, and discharge of natural growth hormones.. Better Bodybuilding with 6 Hypertrophy Ideas from an Irvine FITNESS EXPERT As an Irvine FITNESS EXPERT I understand that bodybuilding can be an ‘individual’ effort that will require each individual their own dedication, discipline, and perseverance to teach by themselves anytime and ways needed. Continue reading

After being dipped several times into both solutions and dried just, the yarn could conduct plenty of power from a battery to illuminate a light-emitting diode device. This turns out to be very easy to accomplish, Kotov said. After a few repetitions of the procedure, this normal cotton turns into a conductive materials because carbon nanotubes are conductive. The just perceptible change to the yarn can be that it turned dark, because of the carbon. It remained pliable and soft. In order to put this conductivity to make use of, the researchers added the antibody anti-albumin to the carbon nanotube solution. Anti-albumin reacts with albumin, a protein found in blood. Continue reading

Cancer-causing formaldehyde found in hair treatment products The dermatology section at the University of Cape Town in Southern Africa has revealed startling fresh test results on hair-straightening products. Many Brazil-based hair product brands have examined high for carcinogenic formaldehyde, at levels five situations the legal limit. In cosmetic items, formaldehyde is present in a liquid state, as formalin. When heated during a hair treatment, formaldehyde turns into a gas and becomes unstable and harmful when breathed in or absorbed. At low levels, the carcinogen can cause skin and vision irritations and can even disrupt being pregnant or cause dizziness. At higher levels, through chronic exposure, formaldehyde can cause the formation of respiratory and blood cancers such as lymphomas and leukemia. Continue reading

Australian researcher unveils pregnancy mystery Belinda Hardman completed the analysis on her behalf PhD with Deakin’s Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology beneath the guidance of Dr Leigh Ackland . Ms Hardman may be the first to get that copper is sent to the developing foetus via particular transporters in the placenta which are regulated by the mother’s oestrogen and insulin amounts. These findings have got implications for better understanding preeclampsia, intrauterine development retardation, the advancement of infants born to moms with gestational diabetes plus some genetic disorders. That is an extremely exciting finding because as yet no one understood how copper shifted over the placenta from the mom to the foetus, Ms Hardman said. Continue reading

The findings indicate the importance of considering small and large-vessel PAD separately and searching for both when assessing blood circulation in the legs. ‘Some patients in this study acquired progressive artery blockage, but the only initial evidence was in the toe,’ said co-author Michael H. Criqui, M.D., M.P.H., professor of professor and medication of family members and preventive medication at the University of California, NORTH PARK School of Medicine. ‘Particularly in individuals with diabetes, doctors may need to measure both ABI and TBI. ‘ The full total results reinforce brand-new American College of Cardiology/American Center Association suggestions on the administration of PAD, published in Circulation in March, 2006. Continue reading

The findings suggest that treating these conditions could also slow memory loss in people with AD. While current medicines for Alzheimer’s disease work for some patients in slowing the rate of AD progression, many patients usually do not benefit from the treatments or cannot tolerate them, says lead researcher Michelle M. Mielke, Ph.D., of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Continue reading

Water rationing is not enough. In fact, a growing number of water is being pumped from underground aquifers not merely in the southwestern says but throughout the Midwest and Texas aswell. These precious aquifers will be gone if we continue depleting them. Exactly what will happen then? One thing is certain: the days of taking our drinking water items for granted are over. We now need to focus our attempts on conserving the drinking water we have left at home and on the bigger scale. Wasting precious drinking water is a luxury we are able to no afford longer.. California drought has neighbors stealing drinking water from each other There is merely no commodity on earth more valuable than water. Without it, life as we realize it cannot exist. Continue reading

The low copy quantity repeats expose a specific defect in the restoration mechanism for dual stranded DNA. When that will not work, the genome can break aside and fuse again, this type aberrantly. Even though the analysis deals with only 1 cell line, it has proved beneficial, said Lee. ‘It provides raised some novel concepts about how exactly these rearrangements make a difference the DNA fix pathways of the cell. A conundrum is had by us. You possess these breaks in the DNA that affect the DNA fix proteins that are likely to fix the breaks. Continue reading

Aspirin the best for reducing the coronary attack risk still New research has revealed that the addition of the blood-thinning drug Plavix to a daily dose of aspirin will not lower the chance of death, coronary attack or stroke in high-risk patients . The experts say although the entire findings were negative a benefit was seen in patients with established cardiovascular disease. Dr. Deepak Bhatt, associate director of the Cleveland Clinic Cardiovascular Coordinating Center and the study’s business lead investigator, says the combination of Plavix and aspirin can do more damage than best for patients at risk of developing heart disease, but it can help those who have suffered a coronary attack or stroke already. Continue reading

John Kanellopoulos, MD, NYU Medical College and Person in Avedro's Medical Advisory Board. It appears to me that each surgeon who offers performed cross-linking provides experienced refractive corneal adjustments. We now have a method to style and customize these refractive adjustments. If these initial medical results continue being repeated, as I really believe they will, the potential appears unlimited. Related StoriesTemporary postnatal visible deprivation induces long lasting auditory responses in the mind's visual areaOmeros launches OMIDRIAssure system to supply expanded patient usage of OmidriaLaser eye medical procedures: a glimpse in to the potential – An interview with Professor Dan Reinstein David Muller, PhD, CEO of Avedro claims, The KXL II and PiXL treatment continue our objective to create refractive correction truly nonsurgical. Continue reading

Stir in one or two teaspoons powdered turmeric as very much water as needed to obtain a paste. Pamper the paste over the affected areas and pkrijte a piece of gauze. Take it off after 10 moments to one hour. This can be repeated 3 to 4 4 times a day time, but stop using turmeric if you observe that your irritated skin. Turmeric The power of prevention No Share your sneakers and utilized towels with other people – they can spread the infection. Continue reading

The federal government spends a lot more than $140 million dollars a yr on vaccines, weighed against simply $13 million in 1995. The GPII Scheme offers reinforced the central part of the overall practitioner in immunisation, improved immunisation providers shipped through general practice, provided Australians greater usage of immunisation providers, and improved immunisation insurance in children.. The GPII Scheme provides economic incentives to general practitioners and procedures to monitor, promote and offer immunisation services to kids under the age group of seven years. Continue reading

Broadlane companions with Trinity Sterile to supply 22 percent average cost savings to its healthcare clients Broadlane has delivered the average savings of 22 % to healthcare clients by partnering with Trinity Sterile Inc., a minority business enterprise, for intravenous regular and custom start kits. The Broadlane Supplier Diversity System proactively seeks historically underutilized businesses to take part in contracting possibilities and chooses to include suppliers that reflect its different client base selectively inhibits . In particular, Broadlane helped one huge client increase diversity provider spending by 360 % and $23 million in one year. Continue reading

‘We understand patients with different diseases and medical conditions are turning to medical cannabis for help and many of these have unanswered questions,’ adds Paul, a graduate pharmacist. ‘Individual education is a large part of the provider that CannTrust provides and we invite sufferers with queries of any sort about the medical use of cannabis or the brand new Health Canada regulations to call us, as we are right here to provide counsel and support to Canadian patients.’ This philosophy forms the basis of the advancement of CannTrust's patient-centric approach to customer service, which includes a dedicated call center led by a nurse and certified pharmacy specialists, who have been specially trained and certified under a unique medical education plan created with the nonprofit business, Canadian Consortium for the Investigation of Cannabinoids . Continue reading